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Can My Image Fade Into The Garment?

Due to the inks and materials we use, we are only able to fade into the garment when using white t shirts. On darker garments we can fade between colours but not directly into the top itself.

What Is The Maximum Print Size?

The maximum printing width or height on our machine for a solid image is 475mm. However quite often images can be broken up into smaller pieces and then recreated on the t shirt allowing for a much larger print.

The only real limiting factor is that we do not print over seams on garments, as this will greatly reduce the durability of the print.

Please note, images over 300mm high/wide incur an extra print cost.


What File Types Do You Accept?

You can use a PNG images to upload, design online

If you want a big resolution images We accept most file types.

Best quality images tend to be saved as either .eps , .ai , .psd , .jpeg , .pdf as well as publisher files.

We can also work with many other file types.

NOTE: The main key when sending an image is the file resolution. This is the number of dots or pixels that make up your image.

An ideal quality image will be at least 1500 pixels square & 300dpi.

Typically images created in word, or microsoft paint are very low resolution & can result in low quality print.

In most image editors (such as adobe photoshop) you can check you image size by clicking on ‘IMAGE -> IMAGE SIZE: on the top line on the software you are using.

This should tell you both the number of pixel used, the resolution and allow you to change them.

Alternatively, try printing out your image on a home printer and this will give you a rough idea of the quality of your image.

Don’t worry if your picture is ever unclear or pixelated, we will always contact you to discuss what we can do to help you get the best print possible.

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